What is E-Liquid?

Nov 23, 18 What is E-Liquid?

This question is often asked by many vapers. Many seem to be confused about exactly what e-liquid is. Some say “it’s just water vapor,” but it isn’t. There is a lot of misinformation about e-liquid.

The truth is, there is no real mystery about exactly how e-liquid is made or what it contains. Reputable e-liquid manufacturers have been placing this information on the label for years. This makes it easy to find out what exactly is in your e-liquid. Unfortunately, they are very technical terms and can look intimidating and ultimately they don’t say a lot about what the substances consist of. It is this ambiguity that makes it easy for people to create false stories such as “e-liquid contains antifreeze.”

E-liquid manufactures usually use four main ingredients. There may be some variation but usually not by much. By knowing the basics, you’ll be able to spot any variances quickly. Here’s what you typically find in e-liquid.

Vegetable Glycerin

The glycerin used in E-liquid comes from vegetable oils. That’s why it’s called vegetable glycerin, or VG. It is a non-toxic colorless liquid with no smell, but it has a sweet taste. It is a very common product and is used in the food industry as a sweetener. It is also added to some foods to keep them moist. Many medicines contain this ingredient, too. It has been studied over the years by scientists and never linked to any health problems.

Propylene Glycol

Most of what is not VG and your liquid is probably this substance, propylene glycol, or PG. PG is alcohol like VG, and it is also nearly odorless. It does have a slightly sweet taste but not enough for it to be used as a sweetener. One other use for PG is in antifreeze. PG-based anti-freeze is less harmful to children and pets. It is an ingredient in antifreeze just like water is an ingredient in antifreeze. There have been some minor health issues linked to PG. A small percentage of people are sensitive to it. E-liquid manufacturers advise using an e-liquid with more VG if it makes you feel unwell.


There is a wide choice of delicious tasting e-liquids due to the variety of flavorings available. These flavorings are food-grade additives. Flavors from e-liquid manufacturers have been elected for maximum inhalation safety. Do not use flavorings sold at supermarkets or grocery stores. They are not manufactured for inhalation and can be harmful.


The last, most common, ingredient is nicotine. This is what makes vaping effective for smoking substitution. It satisfies your nicotine cravings without the smoke from tobacco leaves. Nicotine gets a lot of bad publicity, but it is a very safe drug. It is the smoke from cigarettes and cigars that cause harm, not the nicotine.

These are the four main ingredients e-liquid manufacturers use. If you stick to these ingredients, you can look forward to a low-risk vaping experience.