What is the importance of Pharma Nicotine and its’ Derivatives

Jul 03, 18 What is the importance of Pharma Nicotine and its’ Derivatives

A lot of people do not know about Pharma Nicotine. Rightfully so because it is not as common to most people, even users of a substance that contains it, know, as it is to a large scale buyer or manufacturer. Okay, maybe you have heard of the word nicotine before. Nicotine, to put it simply, is an alkaloid drawn from a tobacco plant. If I were to give it a guess, I would say that the use you probably know of is that Pharma Nicotine is used to make cigarettes. And you a right! But that is not the only use. Nicotine derivatives such as Nicotine EP, Nicotine USP, Nicotine Resinate EP, Nicotine Polacrilex USP and Potassium Nitrite are used to make a variety of things.

Uses of Nicotine Derivatives

Nicotine EP and USP are used in the manufacture of electronic cigarette and nicotine gums.

Nicotine Polacrilex USP and Resonate EP are used for control release mechanism. What it means is that these derivatives ensure that the products produced are of the same quality. These two derivatives are important because they ensure that a manufacturer meets the regulatory agencies requirement put forth by agencies such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Potassium Nitrite is used as an oxidizing agent.

Basically, Nicotine can be used to make a variety of products that help in the betterment of people’s lives.

Quality of Pharma Nicotine and its’ Nicotine Derivatives

It is important that the Nicotine borne out of a tobacco plant meets the high standards that is required in the market. Production of Nicotine that does not meet a high standard can be detrimental to the usages that have been mentioned above. Considering that Nicotine EP and USP is used in the manufacture of electronic cigarette and Nicotine gums that are used for human consumption. Nicotine produced should therefore meet the highest of standards to ensure that its uses are maximized.

Environment Friendly

Production and manufacture of Nicotine should take into consideration the effects it has on the environment. Good manufacturers will make sure that the environment is not at risk by using the latest technologies that factor in conservation of the environment. It is important to make sure that the future generations do not get affected by the occurrences of today. Thus, production of Nicotine should be environment friendly.


Any manufacturer that is serious about the maximizing and quality use of a product should ensure that they spend a great deal on research of the product that they manufacture. That will make sure that the product keeps being improved and that the consumers get their value for money.

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