What To Expect From A Surgery Center Chicago

A Surgery Center Chicago offers a multitude of surgical options to treat injuries and medical conditions. Among the fields of medicine in which a surgery center may provide service include orthopedics, chiropractic, and physical rehabilitation. If you require a specialist who practices in one or more of these fields contact your primary-care physician to receive a referral.


Orthopedics focus on musculoskeletal conditions. Among the conditions that are treated by an orthopedic surgeon are degenerative joint disease, skeletal injuries, congenital disorders, and sports-related trauma. Surgeons in this area of focus perform surgery on hands, shoulders, ankles, and the spine. Procedures enable patients to regain the ability to return to their normal daily routines without pain or other hindrances.


Chiropractic treatments are conducted using homeopathic principles of healing. Common options provided by a chiropractor are spine manipulation, massage therapy, and adjustments. Chiropractic services are performed to relieve pain and increase mobility. Acupuncture is another option utilized by chiropractors to promote pain management naturally.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation applies to treatments utilized to restore mobility after a surgical procedure to repair an injury. It is also treatment options that promote healing after an accident or injury which may not require surgery. Rehabilitation relates to restoring muscle groups, soft tissue, and function within the nervous system. It also involves exercises designed to increase mobility and improve quality of life.


Podiatry applies to treatment options related to the lower extremities such as the feet and legs. A podiatrist treats conditions of the lower extremities by prescribing orthotics and medication as well as performing necessary surgeries to correct conditions that affect the way in which patients walk. A doctor practicing within this field sets fractures and advises patients through additional treatments such as rehabilitation after a surgical procedure.

Where to Receive The Services

A Surgery Center Chicago is a center in which all of these medical fields are combined into one location such as a wing of a hospital. To schedule an appointment with a doctor who is considered a specialist in any medical field you must first obtain a referral from your doctor.