What to Look for When Purchasing an Anti-Aging Skincare Product

Jan 31, 19 What to Look for When Purchasing an Anti-Aging Skincare Product

There are many anti-aging lotions and creams that are sold in department stores today that make the promise to reduce wrinkles and reverse sun damage, but many just don’t deliver. When purchasing anti-aging skincare products, finding ones that have the right ingredients is a must. Regardless of whether you choose private label anti-aging skincare or another brand, be sure your product has one or more of the following ingredients.


Any quality private label anti-aging skincare product should include retinol. This is a vitamin A compound and the first antioxidant that is primarily used for nonprescription wrinkle creams. If you’re buying a skincare product with anti-aging benefits, make sure it includes retinol.

Vitamin C

Another important antioxidant to look for in an anti-aging skin product is vitamin C. It can help protect your skin against sun damage. Before you use it and in between uses, make sure you store the product in a location where it isn’t exposed to sunlight or air.

Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy, poly hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids are each a type of exfoliant. These are the substances that work to remove the upper, dead layer of skin. They also help stimulate the growth of evenly pigmented, smooth new skin.


Peptides are also important. These can help with healing wounds, stretch marks and even wrinkles. It’s another ingredient you want to see listed in your anti-aging product.

If you’re ready to purchase anti-aging skincare products, browse the private label anti-aging skincare options. You will find a wide array of high-quality products that are going to meet or exceed your expectations. To learn more, visit this website.