What You Need To Know About Dealing With a Sinus Headache

The sinuses are an important part of the human respiratory system. The two glands are located inside the nose. Under normal conditions, it is almost impossible to notice the presence of the sinus gland. However, when you have a cold, flu or other ENT inflammation, the gland tends to swell, blocking the nasal passage. Most of the times, the swelling goes down on its own; however, there are times when the problem can deteriorate and become sinusitis. Here are a few things you need to know about Sinus Headache.

What are signs of a sinus infection?

As mentioned, a sinus infection develops after flu or cold. The common signs of an infection include:

*   Difficulty breathing.
  Thick yellow and smelly nasal discharge.
*   Feeling like there is a blockage in the nasal cavity.
*   Headaches
  Pain and soreness in the nasal cavity, mouth and throat.

If you have any of these signs, and you recently suffered from a cold, you should get a check-up for sinusitis.

The dangers of ignoring sinus infections

As mentioned, there are times when sinus infections go away by themselves. There are, however, times when the infections become extremely complicated, which leads to sinusitis. When the problem becomes this complicated, surgery may be necessary to remove the entire sinus gland. Also, when the sinus glands swell, they get filled with pus which makes it very difficult to breathe and swallow food.

Treatment for sinus infections

To get treatment for a sinus infection, you may have to undergo an X-ray. This will help determine the extent of the swelling and the amount of damage that it has already caused. Once the assessment is done, the doctor may recommend:

  Decongestants to make breathing easier. This option is available when the problem has not advanced.
*   Antibiotics to fight the infection. The option is used when the infection lasts more than a week.
*   Surgery: Surgery could be performed to re-establish drainage system for the nose if the infection fails to heal.

These are the things that you need to know about Sinus Headache and dealing with a sinus infection. Visit Allen Ear Nose & Throat Association for the best treatment of sinus infection. For more information Visit Us.