What You Need to Know About Medical imaging in Minneapolis, MN

Many people may not know it, but medical imaging scanning has been around for over a hundred years. This technology allows for seeing inside of the body without cutting it open. Over the years, Medical imaging in Minneapolis, MN has become popular and known as a specialty. Patients have a variety of options when it comes to getting an MRI.

Basic X-rays are quick and affordable. They create a small dose of radiation. X-rays are used for diagnosing intestinal blockages, pneumonia, lung cancer and broken bones and in dental offices. They can be limited because of only providing two dimensional images. However, X-rays are the best options for broken bones instead of soft tissues.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is more detailed than X-rays and CT scans. They provide better contrast of the soft tissues. MRIs also put the patient at less risk and do not use radiation. The machine uses a potent magnetic field to draw the hydrogen atoms inside of the human body to create an image visible to the scanner. When preparing to take an MRI, patients are not allowed to have anything to drink or eat after midnight before their appointment. The MRI machine looks similar to a tube and sounds very noisy. Patients are expected to remain very still while going inside of the machine. MRI can also induce a claustrophobia feeling because of the small and tight space.

The patient is put inside of the tube either head or feet first. There are large magnets on the inside of the machine that is not noticeable to the patient. The machine comes on, which causes the magnets start to move around the around the person inside to create a magnetic field with low strength. The machine is also attached to a top level computer system. The system gets information from the MRI to create thorough images of your tissues and organs. The final document is similar to an X-ray that is interpretable by your doctor.