When to Go To Emergency Room or Urgent Care

Jan 29, 16 When to Go To Emergency Room or Urgent Care

If you are a parent it is okay to fear your child getting hurt or sick; it means you care about them. However, not every incident calls for a trip to the emergency room; some might call for the urgent care instead. To some, they are more or less the same thing. However, it is important to know the difference and when it is time to take a trip to one or the other. Below you can learn a little more about what situations call for which trip.

Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care

The emergency room is just as it is named. It is for emergencies such as serious lacerations or life- threatening conditions. These trips go in order of importance and severity. They are also rather costly. Therefore, they should only be used in the event of an actual emergency.

Urgent care is more for non-life-threatening issues such as vomiting and high fever, or minor cuts and bumps that can’t be treated at home. Urgent care tends to be less busy, therefore, most of the time you are in and out. Where an emergency room is for people of all ages and can handle severe trauma and emergencies, urgent care is typically separated into adults and urgent care pediatrics in Summerville, SC. Urgent care does not see patients that have immediate life-threatening conditions.

Benefits of Urgent Care

People often times just think of the emergency room when they have any medical issue. However, the benefits of the urgent care outweigh that of the emergency room. The urgent care offers shorter wait times because they are not used as often. At an urgent care you will be able to get in and get checked out more quickly so that your child does not have to be in pain longer than necessary.

Urgent care can also save you money because they are much less expensive than emergency rooms. In the emergency room, they are all about quick treatment to get you out and someone else in. Urgent care can slow down and take the time to know every case is different. They are more likely to take you into consideration and get your proper treatment.

The next time your child faces a non-life threatening injury, visits urgent care pediatrics in Summerville.