Why Scrub Tech Safety Has Seen an Explosion of Interest in the US

Apr 07, 22 Why Scrub Tech Safety Has Seen an Explosion of Interest in the US

Scrub tech safety has been blowing up the news ever since the pandemic. Since it’s such a hot topic, seeing how many companies are working on it is not surprising. That’s why you’ve seen products released to help manage safety in the OR. So, when someone has to undergo surgery, their scrub tech won’t be in danger. Their enhanced safety delivers better results, thanks to improved attention to patients.

How to Enhance Scrub Tech Safety

There are plenty of risks involved with being a scrub tech. But, most are avoidable as long as you’ve prepared for them. If you’ve seen a patient who had an infection, viral particles could latch onto you. Using a suture to prevent them from escaping would lower your odds of succumbing to an infection. That way, operating on an infectious patient won’t put others at risk. Plus, there’s less tension on the wound as it’s healing, enhancing recovery.

Also, they’ve developed devices to minimize patient pain after operations. Since incisions won’t be as large, there’s less pain once a patient has awoken. So, they’re not in as much need, and they can use fewer pain meds. Plus, there’s a guard on the device to prevent techs from being hurt. By protecting them from poorly-aimed scalpels, they’re less likely to cut themselves accidentally. That’s why they’ve been such popular items to add to surgery wards and hospitals.

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