Why Your Kids Want Compounded Pharmaceuticals in El Dorado Hills

Sep 21, 13 Why Your Kids Want Compounded Pharmaceuticals in El Dorado Hills

When your child is sick, all you want is for him to be well again. Every parent knows the frustration of trying to get bad-tasting medicine into an ill child. Compounding pharmacists make this task easier by mixing medication customized to your child’s needs. They can alter the taste, concentration and non-essential ingredients, giving you a medicine that your child will actually take.

What matters most to kids – even ill ones – is flavor. Compounding pharmacies can customize the taste of any medication, making it much more palatable and sometimes even delicious. The flavorings in mass-produced drugstore medications can only try to mask the taste. In contrast, a compounding pharmacy can actually change the taste of medication, depending on the ingredients and formulation used. They can also bypass the taste buds by putting the medication into a totally different form, like a cream or suppository.

Concentration, or strength, can also be easily adjusted. Instead of trying to coax your toddler to swallow a whole spoonful, it’s much easier to get him to swallow a few drops from an eyedropper. The pharmacist can reduce the amount of fillers, carriers and other inactive ingredients to make a more concentrated pill, suspension or syrup.

If your child has sensitivities to ingredients such as dyes or gluten, the shelves at a mass-market drugstore become difficult to navigate. Many children’s products have long lists of added ingredients, and it can be hard to find medication that will work against your child’s illness without triggering a bad reaction. A compounding pharmacist can provide medication customized to your child’s allergies or sensitivities.

To find Compounded Pharmaceuticals in El Dorado Hills or any other area, check your local business directory or search online. What if there’s no compounding pharmacy near you? Many, such as Grandpa’s Compounding Pharmacy, offer online ordering for patients who do not live nearby. Like most areas of medicine, compounding is an effective blend of art and science. Compounding pharmacists everywhere have extensive training and knowledge, and they are eager to use it for your benefit. Their goal is the same as yours: good health for your children.