You Can Find a Dentist in South Carolina That’s Open on Weekends

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Dentist

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It’s hard to find a dentist open on weekends, but if you search for one who practices in Summerville, Knightsville, or Mount Pleasant, you could luck out. There’s a dentist in South Carolina who has six offices, and you can have your teeth cleaned and a crown put in the same day at any one of them on a Saturday or a Sunday. You can have your dental health taken care of on a day that’s convenient for you.

Dr. Solomon provides dental bridges, implants, and dentures. He offers root canal treatment and white and silver fillings. Emergency dental services are available and affordable. If you would like SureSmile® Aligners, he has them for you. These aligners are practically invisible, and you can remove them from your mouth whenever you want. SureSmile® Aligners feel comfortable. They provide you with a pleasant way to improve your smile by straightening your teeth.

You can get Botox treatment at the Mount Pleasant office. The trained dentists there know how to administer Botox injections in a safe and effective manner. Botox relaxes facial muscles to counteract the formation of wrinkles. The injections also work to prevent headaches.

You’ll find pediatric dental services offered at this dental practice. Even children with ADHD feel comfortable here because the staff knows how to make their dental visits fun.

Make an appointment with Solomon Family Dentistry if you need a dentist that is open on weekends or want great dental service.

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