You Can Receive Companionship and Care in Your Home in Chicago

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Assisted Living

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Little things make your home a place of security and peace – the dog nestled at your feet, familiar pictures, a handmade afghan. The thought of leaving your home is not one you are ready to entertain. In order to stay in your own home longer, why not get a helping hand from qualified professionals? In home care in Chicago can allow you safely stay in your home by providing professionals to help with things like dog-walking, dusting and transportation.


When you need help, in home care providers can assist you with daily needs like cooking, light cleaning, or even bathing. Maybe you don’t feel safe to shower by yourself. Having someone nearby is both calming and smart. Perhaps you just can’t get those buttons in the hole like you once did. An in-home care person can help you with dressing and grooming. Since this is your life, you can decide how much or how little assistance you need.

In home care in Chicago can provide a wide range of services. Do you need some companionship? Lots of seniors suffer depression from being isolated. An in-home aide can be a source of companionship as well as an assistant. Whether you want to work a puzzle, take a walk around the neighborhood, or prepare a favorite recipe, it’s nice to have someone there to help you. These people are also trained to look for hazards like spills that could result in a fall.

At Home and Hearth Caregivers, our goal is your peace and safety.

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