Your Chakras and Energy Healing

Energy healing in New Jersey is becoming recognized as a desirable way to improve your state of mind. You may suffer from chronic pain as well as stress. You may have sought medical assistance for your pain but found it was hard to pinpoint the cause which left you with very few options to alleviate the pain. Energy healing can help you use a natural healing process to overcome pain and handle stress.

Types of Energy Healing

There are many modalities of energy healing and it can be applied to your spiritual, mental, emotional or physical health. You may actually use a common form of energy healing without even realizing it: Prayer. Prayer has often been used to find inner strength and overcome pain both mentally and physically. Other forms of energy healing include touch therapies such as Reiki and Healing Touch, physical activity such as Tai Chi and Yoga and forms of meditation. Many forms of traditional healing focus on the chakras to return balance both mind and body.

The Seven Chakras

There are seven chakras each associated with a part of the body and a color. When they are out of balance it can cause all kinds of issues. The seven chakras are as follows:

  • 1. Root chakra: the base of the spine is red.
  • 2. Sacral chakra: the navel is orange.
  • 3. Solar plexus: the stomach is yellow.
  • 4. Heart chakra: the chest is green.
  • 5. Throat chakra: base of the neck is blue.
  • 6. Third eye: the center of the forehead is indigo.
  • 7. Crown chakra: the top of the head is violet.

Self Healing with Chakras

You can learn a simple form of self healing using visualization. You begin by visualizing the root chakra, the location on your body and the color. Focus deeply until you see the color become full and bright. Do this for each chakra moving down the body. You can also choose to do it for an area of the body that you feel is off balance. This form of meditation can help you remain balanced and focused and can assist in bringing peace of mind. You can also seek professional assistance working with healing touch experts, yoga classes and life coaches who can help you learn how to maintain balance for optimum physical and mental health.

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