Do I Need A Weight Loss Doctor?

Apr 23, 15 Do I Need A Weight Loss Doctor?

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The clients that come to see us at California Medical Weight Loss are serious about their weight loss goals, and we value them for their commitment to their health. One of the ways that we support all of our clients is to have a personalized weight loss doctor that will oversee your weight loss plan. We see weight loss as a medical issue that can benefit from breakthroughs in research and medical practices that make weight loss easier. In this regard the weight loss doctor that works with you through our clinic will be able to device a unique plan of attack for your weight loss goals. Treatment Options Our doctors will meet with you initially when you come into our clinic and spa. This is an essential meeting to determine your overall health, your weight loss goals and objectives, and to also assess if you would benefit from any medical support through your weight loss journey. Many of our clients have a significant amount of weight to lose and find that constant hunger and snacking behaviors have derailed their past weight loss goals. Our doctors can prescribe a range of different prescription drugs that can curb your cravings and hunger by as much as 50%, which is very beneficial in staying on plan. Assist in Current Health Issues It is not uncommon for people that come into our clinic to have several weight related health issues. This can include aches and pains, low energy levels and even difficulties with blood pressure regulation. Through specific treatment options our doctors will work with you to give you the medical support that you need while still allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of fast weight loss to get to your goals. If you aren’t working with a weight loss doctor you simple don’t have access to all the services and treatment options that we know work. However, with just a call to California Medical Weight Loss we can get you started with a doctor supervised,...

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Refining the Transformation of Rapid Weight Loss with a Tummy Tuck in CT

Rapid weight loss and pregnancy have a dramatic effect on the skin. The skin of the abdomen is stretched at an accelerated rate during pregnancy. Because this happens so quickly, the epidermal skin layer doesn’t have enough time to adjust to the changes. The areas of the skin that have minimal pliability form stretch marks. Also, the extra skin needed to accommodate the baby does not disappear. Rapid weight loss leaves the body with extra skin only needed for the body mass it used to have. People who lost all the weight that contributed to morbid obesity are in this position. The extra skin can make the body appear to still have excess deposits of fat which is really just a massive oversupply of the skin. A Tummy Tuck in CT is an exceptional way to get rid of extra skin and that stubborn left over fat once and for all. Unbound skin getting in the way of a sleek, flat stomach happens to people who lose a liberal amount of weight and with some pregnancies. People in this position can transform their bodies with Abdominoplasty. A tummy tuck in CT is accomplished by reshaping the skin to a proportionate position. The appropriate mass of skin is stretched over the area of the abdomen. The extra skin is then removed. The muscles of the abdomen are tightened up into a sleek silhouette. Modified Abdominoplasty is for those who have less severe cases of excess skin and fat. Recuperating time is shorter, and the belly button might not need to be re-positioned. Come in for a consultation at Martin Cosmetic Surgery to learn what procedure is fitting. Liposuction can be performed on any part of the body that has high levels of fat. Advancements in the technological features of cosmetic surgery make liposuction a much simpler procedure with faster recovery. The lowest volumes of fat can be extracted in as little as thirty minutes. It’s an outpatient procedure done under anesthesia. The rehabilitation process only...

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Do Medical Alarm Systems For Seniors Have To Involve Complicated Surveillance & Monitoring Equipment?

Apr 15, 15 Do Medical Alarm Systems For Seniors Have To Involve Complicated Surveillance & Monitoring Equipment?

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It is only natural that we all grow old but we do not want to allow that to hinder us too much in pursuit of leading a normal, independent lifestyle. However, we should face up to the fact that, as we grow older, there are three factors that sort of creep into our lives: – We tend to become more susceptible to serious illnesses; especially those like heart attack or stroke which can strike us down unexpectedly with sudden effect. Our bodily strength reduces and our bones become more brittle making us more susceptible to falls and increases the risk of our becoming disabled by even a relatively simple fall. We tend to be more often on our own when we get older. If only as a precaution against these, we should investigate Medical Alarm Systems For Seniors. That investigation should not only be a cost comparison exercise. The effectiveness of any alarm system relies on it alerting someone who can and will take the necessary action as quickly as possible. Who Is Going To Respond To Any Of Our Medical Alarm Systems For Seniors? Alarms for adults have one big difference over those microphone transmitter systems that enable parents to continuously hear the sounds in the room where their baby sleeps. Emergency Medical Alarm device For Seniors only need such continuous transmissions and monitoring when the concerned senior is totally bedridden or otherwise incapacitated. Self Activated Alarms For Adults Whether they now live alone or are fortunate enough to have a room (or small apartment) within the home of their offspring; elderly people will have more confidence to lead their normal lives when they know that, should something untoward happen to them, they can call for assistance even if they are unable to reach a telephone. This can be achieved by incorporating a 24/7 watch over the senior’s living area that is linked to a sophisticated home security system that includes CCTV and live monitoring but, in many cases, this might well be...

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Would You Dare Do Your Own Bunion Removal in The Woodlands, TX?

Apr 13, 15 Would You Dare Do Your Own Bunion Removal in The Woodlands, TX?

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Bunions are the same all over the world but let’s consider the case of someone who lives in The Woodlands in Texas and develops a bunion on one of their feet. How do they know that they have a bunion? Simple; something is making their feet hurt – especially when wearing shoes and standing up or walking. The pain is not the general weariness pain you can get from a long walk; neither is it blisters where skin has been rubbed off during walking. This pain is definitely coming from some sort of knot or lump on the side of the foot. Are You Sure it’s a Bunion? We hear the word “bunion” so often; but, do you really know what one is? If you have a small, roughly circular area of dead skin rising out of the surrounding skin on your foot – then, what you have is a corn and not a bunion. If it’s not small and circular, it’s probably dead skin which you can cut or scrape off. If it is a corn; by the application of drops of acid or corn plasters you can remove it yourself at home although it might be more efficient to visit a chiropodist. It would be foolish and possibly dangerous to use dead skin, corn or wart removal methods on a bunion. A bunion will be on the side of your foot in the area of your big toe. The bottom joint will be deformed and out of place; there may also be some swelling and the deformed area might show a red discoloration. Cause and Cure The cause of bunions is somewhat disputed but tight fitting (pointed) shoes are thought to be a major culprit. There are also indications of genetic origins in the formation of bunions. If a developing bunion is spotted early enough, a change to more “sensible” footwear might solve the problem. And that is about the only home cure. Prescription shoe braces knows as orthotics can help manage...

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Finding Assisted Living Homes in Nassau County, NY

Apr 11, 15 Finding Assisted Living Homes in Nassau County, NY

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Every day in the United States the number of senior citizens increases. This demographic is the largest and fastest-growing one currently as the baby boom generation, born between 1946 and 1964, ages. Most older people wish to “age in place,” and stay in their own home as they grow older, but many find this an impossibility with decline in health or ability to care for themselves on their own. Perhaps the senior has lost driving privileges or had a stroke, or has limited mobility or function and cannot completely care for him/herself alone. This has created a new challenge with balancing the fierce independence of older folks with the reality of not being completely autonomous in activities of daily living. Assisted Living Homes in Nassau County, NY provide a solution. They provide At Home Senior Care with non-medical services such as meal preparation, light housework, laundry, running errands, taking clients to appointments, and most importantly, companionship and friendship. Activities can be customized to the individual clients’ needs. Medical advocacy may even be provided, if needed, as well as video camera and audio monitoring. Companions can be scheduled for as little time as one day to week for four hours to as much as twenty-four hours a day every day of the week. Many seniors in the community, themselves healthy and independent, are serving as companions to other seniors. Of course, when looking for Assisted Living Homes in Nassau County for a loved one, the reputation of the company is paramount. Check for licensing, bonding and insurance, and get referrals from neighbors, friends, churches, and social organizations. Ask questions about the training the staff receives and how workers are matched with clients. Find out how the company handles complaints or conflicts. It is also important to find out whether insurance will pay for any of it (usually not), and how financing is handled. Aging is a challenge under the best of circumstances. Maintaining one’s own residence and staying at home as long as possible with...

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