Would You Dare Do Your Own Bunion Removal in The Woodlands, TX?

Bunions are the same all over the world but let’s consider the case of someone who lives in The Woodlands in Texas and develops a bunion on one of their feet. How do they know that they have a bunion? Simple; something is making their feet hurt – especially when wearing shoes and standing up or walking. The pain is not the general weariness pain you can get from a long walk; neither is it blisters where skin has been rubbed off during walking. This pain is definitely coming from some sort of knot or lump on the side of the foot.

Are You Sure it’s a Bunion?

We hear the word “bunion” so often; but, do you really know what one is? If you have a small, roughly circular area of dead skin rising out of the surrounding skin on your foot – then, what you have is a corn and not a bunion. If it’s not small and circular, it’s probably dead skin which you can cut or scrape off. If it is a corn; by the application of drops of acid or corn plasters you can remove it yourself at home although it might be more efficient to visit a chiropodist. It would be foolish and possibly dangerous to use dead skin, corn or wart removal methods on a bunion.

A bunion will be on the side of your foot in the area of your big toe. The bottom joint will be deformed and out of place; there may also be some swelling and the deformed area might show a red discoloration.

Cause and Cure

The cause of bunions is somewhat disputed but tight fitting (pointed) shoes are thought to be a major culprit. There are also indications of genetic origins in the formation of bunions.

If a developing bunion is spotted early enough, a change to more “sensible” footwear might solve the problem. And that is about the only home cure. Prescription shoe braces knows as orthotics can help manage bunions at early stages of their development.

However, because your bunion is a deformation involving the bone (usually the first metatarsal), if bunion deformity is not corrected early enough, surgery will be needed for your Bunion Removal in The Woodlands, TX. A podiatrist surgeon will use both biomechanical and radiographic methods to examine your foot prior to deciding which operating treatment is required for your Bunion Removal in The Woodlands, TX.