How To Choose Your Cosmetology Schools Program In Chicago

Apr 30, 15 How To Choose Your Cosmetology Schools Program In Chicago

Most cosmetology schools in Chicago offer a particular program to help you learn a little bit about everything. However, even with such strict programming, you can typically pick and choose the courses that will help you most. If not, you can always get a well-rounded education, which is a great start to your new career.

Nail Technology

With a nail technology course or program, you will learn all the basics for nail care, including filing, shaping, cutting and painting. Painting options can include nail designs, regular polish, gel polish, nail extensions (fake nails) and wraps. After training, you can call yourself a nail technician, pedicurist or manicurist. This training is usually done after cosmetology school and may be done at the same location.

Makeup Training

Makeup artist training is typically shown at beauty schools in Chicago and will show you how to implement and design various looks. It can also help you determine which hairstyles go with which make-ups, along with how to apply different types of makeup. Most cosmetologists learn makeup training in school so they can apply makeup to brides for their weddings and similar functions.


Barbering is slightly different than traditional hair cutting or styling, as it focuses on the structure and form of the hair of men. You will traditionally learn about different types of hair, based on manageability, thickness, curliness and ethnicity. You may also learn how to cut men’s hair, provide shaves, facial massages, blow drying and coloring.

Hair Design

Hair design programs teach the basics of hair, but will also show advanced techniques. You will learn and become skilled with coloring, shampooing, cutting and blow drying. You’ll learn various hairstyling techniques that are currently popular, scalp treatments, chemical straightening techniques, salon management and much more.

Skin Care (A.K.A. Esthetics)

Esthetics, also called skin care or aesthetics is the study of the skin and how to make it more beautiful. You’ll learn about skin analysis, facials, microdermabrasion, skin care regimens and facial treatments, among others. You may also learn about aromatherapy, waxing, eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping and other spa elements. However, it is important to remember that each school will offer specific programs, so you want to read each program carefully to determine if it is truly what you seek. It is up to you to find the program that fits your needs, whether you want a general education in everything or something specific.

Cosmetology schools in Chicago typically offer many programs or courses so that you get an excellent education. Ms. Robert’s Beauty Academy offers such programs, so visit their website to learn more.