Spay And Neuter Benefits In Oahu

Jun 25, 13 Spay And Neuter Benefits In Oahu

Overpopulation of domesticated animals is a considerable problem in this country. The time and resources put into finding strays homes far outweighs the cost of having an animal sterilized. Additionally, some animals are unfortunate enough to never find homes and must be euthanized. That is why it is important to spay and neuter all pets. A simple procedure will lead to a longer life by reducing the risk of certain life-threatening diseases and save the owner money in animal care bills. The benefits to having a pet spayed or neutered can be identified by visiting a Spay Neuter Oahu clinic.

Spaying is the ovariohysterectomy of a female animal. The procedure removes the ovaries and uterus to make reproduction impossible. This operation should be preformed around six months of age or before a female’s first heat cycle to lessen the complications. The main benefit of the surgery is lower hormone levels which decrease the risk of cancerous breast tumors. These lower levels also mean that the chances of developing urinary tract infections are greatly decreased and the possibility of ovarian cysts is eradicated.

Neutering is the removal of a male animal’s testicles. Not only does this eliminate the chance of impregnating a female, it decreases the risk of prostate problems, hernias, and testicular cancer. This surgery also takes away the male’s urge to mate, which is a major source of frustration and can make a dog more aggressive. A more docile animal means it will be easier to train, less distracted by outside influences, and better behaved.

The care that is administered to the animals during the surgeries is very important to the clinics that Spay Neuter In Oahu. All animals are examined prior to surgery to determine if there are any pre-existing organ issues. This will allow the veterinarians to access how they should proceed with the operation and the amount of anesthesia to administer. During the surgery the animal’s vitals are monitored to ensure that everything is going smoothly. The temperature, blood pressure, and an ECG of the heart are all closely watched. Any fluctuation will alert the veterinarian that something is amiss and needs immediate attention. Once the operation is completed the animal is required to stay one night for observation.

Looking into a Spay Neuter Oahu procedure is very beneficial for a pet. It is both a cost effective and socially responsible solution for any pet owner.