Health Benefits of Massage Therapy Certification in Frederick

Have you ever gotten a really great massage? You are not alone. According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) 2013 Industry Fact Sheet: 1. 22% of women and 10% of men reported having a massage. 2. More than 34 million American adults (16%) had discussed massage therapy with their doctors or health care providers. 3. Of those 16% who talked about massage with their doctor, 50% of those medical professionals strongly recommended massage therapy. Doctors are not the only professionals recommending massage therapy as a valuable adjunct to healthcare. According to the same AMTA Industry Fact Sheet: 1. 43% of chiropractors and 38% of physical therapists also recommended massage therapy when their patients discussed it with them. 2. 25% of nurses recommended massage. Research Shows: The Effectiveness of Massage Physicians and other health care professionals recommend massage based on the tangible, documented benefits. Here are a few of the many health advantages attributed to massage: 1. Decreases muscle pain, tension, stiffness and spasm 2. Improves joint flexibility and range of motion 3. Enhances blood flow and lymph drainage 4. Improves immune function 5. Relieves stress and increases relaxation According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), research on massage therapy points toward beneficial effects on pain and other symptoms associated with a number of different conditions: 1. Pain: related to chronic low-back, neck and knee issues 2. Cancer: decreases pain, promotes relaxation, and boosts mood 3. Mental health: reduces depression and anxiety 4. Fibromyalgia: reduces pain, fatigue, and other associated symptoms 5. HIV/AIDS: improves the quality of life for people with HIV or AIDS 6. Neonatal Infant Care: improves weight gain in babies born pre-term Massage Therapy: Career Opportunity Massage therapy certification is the ticket to employment in a variety of interesting settings from private practice to work in the travel industry: 1. Doctor and Chiropractors Offices: massage augments the benefits of medical treatment and helps maintain good health between regular check-ups. 2. Sports Teams: professional and college athletic teams...

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The Purpose of Restorative Yoga

Jul 02, 15 The Purpose of Restorative Yoga

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It goes without saying that all variations of Yoga are exceptionally beneficial to the overall wellbeing. Moreover, they help greatly with the physical molding of your body while also proving beneficial to the mind and spirit. However, one category of Yoga which particularly stands out, in our opinion, is Restorative Yoga. What Is It? Restorative Yoga contrasts from the greater part of its counterparts – in that it uses a wide mixture of items, all intended to make the stances (asanas), as simple and unwinding as possible. This is the Yoga of surrender; surrender of the body, mind, and, inevitably, the soul itself. The Growing Need Life now and then seems to conflict with us, instead of for us, and this battle prompts push, fatigue, and even a low level of consistent, idle annoyance. This nonstop foundation commotion of antagonism turns into an enduring depletion of vitality levels, which will just keep on growing, if not tended to. The Effects A Restorative Yoga session ought to begin with some mellow warm-ups, to set up the body for holding stances, for a certain time period. Amid the genuine holding of the stance, props (for example, covers, pads, pieces, supports, dividers, towels, or mats) may be balanced, as required, until the sweet spot of solace and backing is come to. The Downsides The downside is that Restorative Yoga can be disappointing for novices, mostly in the first few instances, in light of the fact that they are expecting too many benefits too early. Restorative Yoga uses easier postures, so as to advance a simple solution for the body. However, the brain is frequently an alternate story. Here and there, the calmer and all the more free the body feels, the more the psyche prattles. This is on the grounds that the sense of self feels undermined by the stillness and is looking for a departure. What better escape is there for the inner self than attracting thoughtfulness and delving into your own spirit? These are only...

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3 Benefits of Using Natural Medicine

Jul 01, 15 3 Benefits of Using Natural Medicine

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Staying healthy and well can be a lot harder than most people think. There are a number of different things a person will have to do in order to feel better in their own skin. For some it is a lack of energy that prevents them from getting through their day. In cases like this, finding a natural Adderall will allow a person to get the help they need. For most people, finding natural medicines for what ails them is a top concern. The following are some of the benefits which come with using natural medicine. Not Worrying About Side Effects One of the biggest benefits you will be able to take advantage of when choosing to use natural medicine is that you do not have to worry about side effects. Since all of the elements used in this type of medicine are from the earth and not a lab, they will not negatively affect your body. Make sure you take your time to find the right medicine before settling on one. The more you can find out about a medicine and its uses, the easier it will be to choose the right ones. Easy to Get Another advantage that comes with using natural medicine is that it is available in most areas. Instead of waiting to get a prescription, you will be able to get the medicine you need to feel better. Make sure you consult with your physician before starting to take any medicines. They will be able to let you know how it may react with things you are already taking. The more you can find out about each of the medicines you are thinking of taking and how they will react to your body, the better equipped you will be to choose. Costs Less Than Man Made Medicines Yet another benefit that comes with using natural medicines is that they are far less costly than lab made medicines. This is great for a person who is looking for healing and...

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