3 Patients That Should Make Regular Appointments With Podiatrists in Joliet, IL

In addition to seeing a primary care physician, many patients see a specialist on a regular basis. For those that have foot or ankle concerns, Podiatrists in Joliet IL are the specialists to see. But not everyone needs to run out and make an appointment. Here are a couple of specific types of patients that can benefit from an appointment with the foot doctor.

Patients Suffering From Diabetes

There are lots of reasons for a diabetic to make an appointment with a doctor. However, Podiatrists in Joliet IL can play a huge roll in helping patients protect and take care of their feet. Those struggling with diabetes are more likely to deal with certain types of foot injuries. Regular appointments with a podiatrist can significantly reduce the risk of amputation, something common to those with diabetes.

Patients That Run on a Regular Basis

Runners tend to have some problems with their feet. Some find that their feet are often sore at the end of the day or at the end of a long run. Others may find that running has become more difficult because of foot pain or injury. Podiatrists in Joliet IL can keep runners going by offering preventative care and help when things aren’t going well. They can even make suggestions for the right type of shoe. Even those that aren’t serious joggers may want to make an appointment with a podiatrist to take advantage of the personalized care and attention. Visit here for more details.

Patients Dealing with a Fungus or Infection

Most people don’t like to admit it, but many people suffer from things like athlete’s foot. Symptoms like itching, redness, and even odor can become a real problem. Worse still, it can be spread to others. If athlete’s foot isn’t a concern, toenail fungus might be an issue. All of these things can be addressed with the help of a podiatrist when over-the-counter remedies don’t work.

You don’t need to be suffering from diabetes, be a committed runner, or even have athlete’s foot to make an appointment at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL. If you have any type of foot or ankle issue that needs to be addressed, a podiatrist can be helpful. Even if it’s just an ingrown toenail that you can’t seem to take care of, make the call and schedule an appointment today.