What Are the Benefits of Growth Hormone?

Anyone who is a sports fan has probably heard of human growth hormone or HGH. You may associate it with steroids or cheating athletes. However, there is a lot more to this hormone than you might believe. This hormone is naturally occurring in the body and can provide many benefits for various individuals. We’ll look at some of the most commonly cited benefits below.

  • Improved Muscle Strength

Human growth hormone in Torrance is known to help improve the physical ability by stimulating collagen synthesis in the muscle and tendons, which can increase muscle strength and lead to better performance during exercising. Studies show that HGH leads to these things in typical healthy men between the ages of 50 and 70.

  • Peaceful Sleep

Growth hormone can help you get better, healthier sleep. Those who are going through sleep deprivation, such as those who study late or work the night shift, often find that it affects their days. A study shows that when someone doesn’t sleep for 24-36 hours, the level of HGH goes down drastically. As such, having extra HGH in the body can help you sleep better and experience better days.

  • Better Cognitive Function & Mood

A study in Lithuania shows that adults who were having growth hormone therapy had a higher level of concentration, cognitive function, and mood than before the treatment began. This happened after about six months of HGH treatment. This shows that HGH could be a great option for those who are looking to improve mood or cognitive function who have low levels of the hormone.

  • More Weight Loss

The HGH has been shown in studies to result in a higher weight loss than among those who were not using the hormone. The weight loss among HGH participants was a 1.6-fold increased in weight loss, especially with visceral fat. With the HGH group, lean body mass was gained, while it was lost in the control group. This shows that HGH can help accelerate weight loss, especially when related to fat.

  • Other Benefits

There are many other benefits of HGH, including better bone density, more stamina, and improved cholesterol levels. If you are considering human growth hormone in Torrance, be sure to look at Advanced Hormone Replacement. The office offers HGH treatment in a professional environment. To learn more, you can call us at We’d be happy to set up an appointment.