3 Things to Look For When Buying Infant Formula in Grand Rapids

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Health

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Caring for your new baby is a big responsibility even with the help of your child’s pediatrician. One of the things you’ll have to do is choose from among the best infant formulas for your baby. Here are a few factors to consider in selecting a formula that’s right for your baby.

Consider Nutritional Value

You should compare the nutrition charts on each package of formula to determine which brand gives your baby the best values. Some things to look at are the protein and carbohydrates for each serving. An infant up to six months of age should be getting a minimum of 10 grams of protein and 95 grams of carbs per 100 ml serving.

Reduce the Risks of an Allergic Reaction

As soon as you found out you were pregnant, you probably discussed your family history with your doctor. This is a concern that will also affect your baby’s diet. If others in your family have had food allergies, it’s highly likely your new baby will suffer from similar allergies. In that case, you can err on the side of caution by looking for a hypoallergenic formula. If you can’t find one, ask your doctor about alternatives.

Look For an Iron-Fortified Formula

If you will feed your baby solely with infant formulas without doing any breastfeeding, it’s important to look at the iron content. Iron is a nutrient that plays a key role in preventing anemia, so your infant will need a steady supply of this compound. Make sure to buy a formula that’s fortified with iron.

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