When Your Child Should See Their Pediatrician in Charleston, SC

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Healthcare

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There are times when it’s obvious to you as a parent that your child needs to see someone who specializes in primary care pediatrics in Charleston, SC. However, some conditions may not be as clearly discernible. You’ll have to pay closer attention to your child’s unusual symptoms to identify some problems. This guide can help you identify less outwardly obvious signs that medical attention is needed.

Developmental Problems
While developmental disabilities are typically identified early, less severe developmental problems may not be so easily detected. As you play with your child, try to be aware of signs that their development is inhibited. This can include an inability to smile, problems sitting up, or poorly developed fine motor skills.

Behavioral Problems
You should also be watchful for behavioral problems since there could be more going on than just an unruly child. For example, an inability to play quietly or a tendency to interrupt others can indicate ADHD. The occasional disobedience is to be expected, but, when behavior problems seem too common, it may be necessary to seek professional insight.

Emotional Problems
You should also consider consulting a specialist in primary care pediatrics in Charleston, SC, when your child’s emotions seem unhealthy. Children can suffer from stress, depression, or anxiety just like adults, so try to be aware of the symptoms of these conditions. A lack of interest in playing, poor appetite, or sudden mood changes can all indicate emotional health problems that need to be addressed.

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