3 Ways to Know It’s Time to Think About Elderly Care in Melbourne, FL

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Assisted Living

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No one likes to think about when the time will come they can’t take care of themselves and certainly no one likes to think about a parent, grandparent or loved one in that situation either. However, when it no longer becomes safe for someone to live alone or with a caregiver at home, it’s nice to know there are welcoming places for the elderly nearby. How do you know it’s time to move someone into a care facility?

Safety First

Even if someone has all their mental faculties, when day-to-day living becomes physically difficult, it may be time to move a loved one into a facility offering elderly care in Melbourne, FL. Things that used to be simple like climbing stairs or stepping into a tub can suddenly present a serious challenge. A slip and fall could easily turn tragic because of a head injury or serious cut. If your loved one is exhibiting bruises or talking about how clumsy they’ve become, it might be time to have a conversation about no longer living alone.

Cognitive Decline

Critical thinking and responsible decision-making are essential for independent living. When someone begins to forget small things, it’s easy to write that off as simple old age; after all, we’re all forgetful from time to time. However, when that forgetting means the burner is left on in the kitchen or the front door is left open all night long, it may be a signal living at home is no longer an option and it’s time to think about elderly care in Melbourne, FL.

Poor Self-Care

Self-care is more than just the idea of manicures or massages. It means eating three meals a day, showering and personal grooming, for example. A failure to keep up with any of these activities could be a sign your loved one is having trouble taking care of herself and it’s time to consider a residence offering elderly care in Melbourne, FL.

The decision to move someone to a elderly care facility is never easy, but recognizing these three signs can help you decide when to start the conversation.

If you have questions about the right time to move a loved one to an elderly care facility in Melbourne, FL, contact through their website or at 888-274-0457.

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