What All Is Involved In Non-Surgical hemorrhoids Treatment

Feb 12, 19 What All Is Involved In Non-Surgical hemorrhoids Treatment

An annoying condition that affects a lot of people is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, occur when the rectum becomes inflamed or swollen. The symptoms are often bleeding, pain and itching. Sometimes the hemorrhoids get so bad that the sufferer has to have surgery to correct the problem. There are alternatives that can be tried. There are clinics that offer Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment. This option is preferred to surgery, as it will be safer, and of course, cheaper. Following are the things involved in getting this type of treatment.

* Getting hemorrhoids removed non-surgically can be done through a technique called galvanization. The technique is done using what is known as a hemorrhoid lys is. The method is called the Keesey Technique and uses electrotherapy as a more affordable alternative.

* The examination for the Keesey Technique is rapid and pain-free. Each internal hemorrhoid treatment in Hattiesburg, MS, will take no more than 10 minutes to remove. Complete treatments to remove the hemorrhoids may take up to nine visits.

* A patient can get two sites treated in one visit to the treatment clinic. Most will be able to resume their normal activities immediately. This makes the Keesey Technique preferred over other methods.

It just makes sense that a patient will prefer to get his or her hemorrhoids treated non-surgically than through surgery. There are other benefits to this also. For one thing, the patient does not have to worry about anesthesia, thus, the treatment is pain-free. Another benefit is that there is no bleeding involved since the method is not surgery. There is no need to worry about having to “prep for surgery.” There will be no extra time needed for recovery; the patient can resume his or her normal activities immediately. The best part of all is that this Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment is approved by the FDA, so this assures the patient of the safety of the treatment.

The Hattiesburg GI Associates is dedicated to providing the non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids and has been doing so for many years in the Hattiesburg, MS. The clinic also performs surgical removals should that become necessary. More information about the clinic can be found at the website, hgia.net. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.