5 Ways to Deal with TMJ Pain and Discomfort

Jul 11, 18 5 Ways to Deal with TMJ Pain and Discomfort

TMJ disorders are often accompanied by symptoms that could range from mild to debilitating. You may feel pain while you chew, have pain in your ear, face, jaw and neck, and suffer from a locked jaw. You may also get migraines as a result.

Learn how to relieve the pain and discomfort. Here are a few tips to help you.

Start with exercises

There are TMJ exercises you can follow, the Healthline suggests. Do them right and you can strengthen the muscles in your jaw, stretch out your jaw and relax it. The exercises are also designed to improve the mobility of your jaw, allowing you to move it around without any discomfort. That’s going to ensure quick recovery and healing for your jaw.

Get rid of stress

If you’re often stressed, then you probably grind your teeth a lot and that could be a factor in your TMJ condition. Also, you tend to tense up your jaw muscles when you’re stressed, which will only further aggravate your condition. By finding better ways to deal with stress can make a difference.

Avoid hard foods

Choose meals that won’t require you to use biting pressure whenever you eat. Also, you’ll want to avoid chewing gums since that could make your TMJ worse.

Look for a dentist

If the pain persists or worsens, look for a dentist that offers TMJ pain treatment in Brandon FL. Consulting with a specialist about your condition will help you determine other treatment options that may work for you.

Pick the right one

When you look for a specialist for TMJ pain treatment in Brandon FL, make sure you pick someone with experience in treating TMJ syndromes and disorders. How much experience does your dentist have? What kind of credentials does he have? Sort these things out before you pick a dentist.