Never Underestimate the Influence of Painkiller Addiction

Jul 11, 18 Never Underestimate the Influence of Painkiller Addiction

Painkillers, also known as Opiates, Opioids and Narcotics; are powerful drugs which work in the body to decrease moderate to severe pain. While many, even most individuals whom are prescribed Opiates for pain, never have any problems with addictive behaviors; a certain percentage of those trying an Opiate for the first time, will eventually develop an Addictive Disease.

I have personally had patients who say that they knew they were going to become addicted after the very first dose of an Opiate. That is because Opiates cause changes in the brain’s pleasure centers. Such changes can make the person selfish in all major areas of the person’s life. That is usually the beginning of a downward spiral, often ending with the person being incarcerated, admitted to a hospital, or even worse, with the individual winding up in a cemetery.

Those are some of the reasons why one must never underestimate the influence painkillers have on a person’s brain, because it can be extremely powerful. Why else would someone neglect their family and their job, just because of some drug? The answer is, the drug makes the person’s brain selfish, to the point that the person can only think about where he or she can obtain more Opiates. It is a horribly sad situation, all to often ending in death. In fact, most Americans know someone who has died from and Opiate overdose.

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