Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Services

Nov 03, 22 Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Services

While not all addictions derive from trauma responses, some mental health experts discovered that underlying trauma often plays a role in fueling addiction. Undiagnosed mental disorders also contribute to addiction and require consistent treatment. Find out more about how a Plymouth Mental Health Clinic can help you by providing addiction treatment and mental health services.

Gender-Responsive Substance Abuse

Health statistics show that men are at a greater risk of becoming addicted to controlled substances than women. Still, the same medical research shows that women have a higher risk of relapse after treatment. Gender-responsive substance abuse programs address these differences. Addiction recovery programs present patients with a recovery program that meets their needs according to gender and pre-existing mental health disorders or trauma histories.

Trauma Responsive Care

Trauma plays a role in developing mental illnesses. It contributes to substance abuse, and revealing the trauma that drives an addiction helps patients heal and learn healthier coping mechanisms. Even if you don’t have an addiction, trauma-responsive therapy helps you thrive and live a better life.

Many mental illnesses cause debilitating effects and make life more challenging. Therapy and counseling services give you an outlet to talk about traumas and how they affect your life. Therapists at a Plymouth Mental Health Clinic offer therapy and recovery services.

River Ridge Recovery offers everyone comprehensive substance abuse treatment and mental health services. Their counselors determine the root cause of substance abuse and aid in recovery. In addition, therapists help individuals suffering from mental illness. Contact River Ridge Recovery today and get the help you need.