Investing in Equipment like the Stryker 1488 for Your Medical Clinic

Nov 01, 22 Investing in Equipment like the Stryker 1488 for Your Medical Clinic

When you own or manage a busy endoscopy clinic, you may prioritize keeping costs as low as possible. At the same time, however, you want to ensure your providers can offer the highest level and most reliable care for the clinic’s patients.

With that, it might make more sense to you to buy pre-owned equipment rather than put out the money for brand new gear. Your providers can provide accurate diagnoses and images by using equipment like a used Stryker 1488 that you can buy for your clinic today.

Less Expense

When you opt for this kind of pre-owned equipment, you may spend significantly less money on it than what you would pay for brand new scopes and other gear. The price tag for brand new equipment can put your clinic’s cash flow at risk of being depleted. You need to keep as much money on hand to pay other expenses with rather than spend it all on a single equipment purchase.

Further, the lower price tag does not negate the usefulness of the scope itself or how long doctors at your clinic can use it. It may provide the same, if not better, imaging and last for years or longer before it must be replaced.

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