Animal Clinic Or Animal Hospital, Is There A Difference?

It can be confusing for pet owners, they hear the term “pet clinic” as well as “animal hospital,” and they find it hard to determine what the differences might be, if there are any. The words are essentially the same but the services that each provide are somewhat different. First, let’s look at what to expect from a full service animal hospital in Chicago.

Full service animal hospital:

The terms tend to indicate a size difference; many pet owners equate animal hospital with a larger facility than a typical pet clinic. Yes, a typical animal hospital in Chicago will be bigger but there is more to it than that.

A full service animal hospital will provide a full range of animal related services; you can expect these places to offer primary and preventative care, surgery, diagnostic services, emergency services and more. Full service facilities have space to accommodate animals for long periods of time if necessary.

Typically, an animal hospital will be able to run tests in their own in-house lab, be able to take X-Rays, ultrasound, etc, perform surgery and offer end of life care.

What to expect from a veterinary clinic:

An animal clinic by definition is smaller; as a result you can find similar services but not t the same extent that you would expect from an animal hospital in Chicago. Veterinarians in these facilities are more apt to concentrate on prevention and wellness, they are quite capable of making a diagnosis of any animal illness or injury but often can’t take it much farther than that. If they perform surgery at all it will be limited to such things as spaying and neutering.

The one thing is the same is the level of care. Regardless of whether you take your pet to a full service animal hospital or a local clinic, you can expect to find capable professionals with caring staff.

If you are looking for a full service animal hospital in Chicago you are invited to bring your pet to Metropolitan Veterinary Center. For your added convenience the hospital is open from 7am to 10 pm every day of the week.