Are You Experiencing Pain from Hammertoes? Visit a Foot Doctor in Hyde Park

May 15, 18 Are You Experiencing Pain from Hammertoes? Visit a Foot Doctor in Hyde Park

Hammertoe is a common deformity of the foot. It affects the second, third, and forth toe and is often caused by wearing narrow shoes that lack arch support. Hammertoes can be very painful, but thankfully, a foot doctor in Hyde Park can ease the pain with some different treatments. If the condition is not treated soon after it appears, it may require surgical intervention to correct the problem.

What Causes Hammertoes?

Muscles, tendons, and ligaments work together to bend and straighten toes on command. Hammertoes are a condition that stems from problems with the muscles that surround the middle joint of the toe. When the muscle weakens, it no longer can bend or straighten the toe. This weakness is caused by many factors.

Hammertoe is caused by wearing shoes that are too tight and do not have effective arch support. This type of shoe forces the toes into a flexed position. If the condition is not corrected, the toes may not be able to straighten. More women than men suffer from the condition as they wear high heels with narrow toes. The risk of hammertoe increases with age, and people with arthritis are more likely to develop the condition.

When to See a Foot Doctor

Although hammertoe is not a critical medical emergency, it is a condition that gets worse over time. Once the condition is recognized, a podiatrist should be consulted as soon as possible. In rare conditions, a person suffering from hammertoe may get sores on the tops of the affected toes. These sores, if left untreated, can become infected.

A foot doctor can create a shoe insert that will reduce pain and stop the condition from worsening; the doctor may also use an injection of cortisone to relieve pain.

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