Botox, the Temporary Quick Fix for Wrinkles

May 15, 18 Botox, the Temporary Quick Fix for Wrinkles

Over time, the skin on your face naturally begins to lose its elasticity and plumpness. Even normal, everyday activities like laughing and smiling can add to the signs of aging, creating fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. There is good news. Skin care treatments with Botox and lip injections offer a temporary fix for wrinkles, allowing you to regain your youthful beauty without resorting to more in-depth surgical procedures. What should you know about the treatments on offer with JMarie Skin Studio?

How Does It Work?

At JMarie Skin Studio, we focus on effective, gentle treatments that help you regain the healthy, glowing skin you deserve. Part of that is the elimination of wrinkles. While more in-depth procedures, such as face lifts, can offer permanent relief, injections of botulinum toxin can offer temporary relief. This method works by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles, meaning that the muscles are neutralized and unable to contract. This relaxes the skin in the area and reduces the visibility of the wrinkle. In most instances, an injection procedure takes only a few minutes to complete and may offer relief for up to two months.

What Areas Are Treatable?

At JMarie Skin Studio, we can offer Botox skin care treatments for a number of areas. We often help clients reduce the visibility of wrinkles on their foreheads, around the corners of their eyes, and around the corners of the mouth. Botox lip injections can also plump up your lips, remove lines from the corners of your mouth, and even enhance the upper lip, making it as prominent as the lower lip. However, note that wrinkles and fine lines that are due to sun exposure will not respond to the use of this treatment. Thus, it is important that you have a customized treatment plan that takes into account your unique facial structure, the type and location of wrinkles and fine lines on your face, your skin type, your goals, and more.

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At JMarie Skin Studio, we have years of experience working with Botox cosmetics. Our boutique medical spa offers a range of Botox-related treatments including wrinkle alleviation, lip injections and more. We also work with you to create a customized treatment plan that speaks directly to your unique challenges and goals and is designed to help you regain the healthy, youthful appearance you want.