Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Supplemental Benefits?

Jul 17, 21 Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Supplemental Benefits?

When it comes to accepting a job offer, most Americans consider what kind of benefits they receive. Many employers offer some form of healthcare benefits, but very few provide supplemental benefits. Of those employees receiving various benefits through a health insurance agency, very few are using them to their full potential.

What Are Supplemental Benefits?

Another way to describe supplemental benefits is voluntary benefits. What qualifies as a supplemental benefit will vary based on what your employer currently offers and who pays for it. Health insurance, paid time off, and 401K plans are often described as employee benefits and are paid for by both the employer and employee. In some cases, the employer pays for it all.

Supplemental or voluntary benefits are paid solely by the employee unless they have a great employer. Life insurance can be categorized as supplemental or employee benefits. These extra benefits often include additional health care coverages such as accident benefits, hospitalization, and wellness programs.

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Supplemental Benefits?

Many employees pay into various supplemental benefits, but over a third of them are not using them to their fullest potential. If you are paying extra each month for accident coverage or even hospitalization benefits, make sure that you cash in on those policies when needed.

Too many people use their healthcare coverage or workers’ comp coverage to cover things. No matter what kind of policy it is, they think that filing a claim will increase their premiums. These policies are here to help you when you need them most.