What Type of Injuries Can a Sports Medicine Doctor Treat?

Various types of injuries will require prolonged treatment after a hospital visit. Many of these patients will need to follow up with a doctor who can continue a treatment regimen. More often than not, these patients will be referred to a sports medicine doctor in Miami FL. Let’s take a closer look at some of the injuries that these doctors provide treatment for.

Some of the common injuries seen in sport medicine clinics are things such as:

  • Sprains

  • Deep Bruises

  • Fractures

  • Broken Bones

Those are just a few examples of injuries that can be treated by these medical professionals. Here are some other examples of injuries they can treat that may be a little less common than the ones mentioned above.

Shin splints is a condition that results in leg pain during movement or exercise. This pain will generally be concentrated around the tibia. It can also occur in the ankle, foot, or inner edge of the tibia. Sometimes, the pain can seem unbearable. Various treatment options are intended to help alleviate the pain and heal the injury.

Compartment syndrome is an injury that many individuals have never even heard of. It involves swollen tissue that eventually begins to invade the nerves and blood vessels. This can be a chronic or acute condition. It is extremely painful, but can be treated by a doctor who practices sports medicine in Miami, FL.

A dislocated joint is a fairly common injury that occurs when playing sports. This injury occurs when individuals play football or basketball, and can happen to a knee, elbow, or hip. This type of injury requires immediate medical attention, and prolonged treatment will most likely be needed. A doctor who practices sports medicine in Miami, FL can provide you with the treatment you need to help your injury heal.

Whenever an injury occurs, it is always best to get it examined as soon as possible. If you delay, the injury can worsen and cause additional damage or a long-term disability.

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