Harnessing the Power of Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide, or NO, is a gaseous molecule made naturally in the body. It has a wide range of benefits and works together with many parts of your body including your veins, muscles, tissue, digestion and mental clarity. When using a NO supplement in your daily diet, you should be aware that a proper amount of whole foods can go a long way in improving the benefits you notice from the nitric oxide. The Benefits of the Best Nitric Oxide Supplement You have spent so much time in the gym to build up your muscles, but aren’t seeing the results you want. Maybe you are deficient in NO. Do you get tired easily when hitting the weights? Are you physically weak even though you spend a lot of time in the gym? Both of those could be a sign of low levels of NO in your body. When your body has adequate amounts of NO present, the benefits can include: • Sleeping better. If you suffer from insomnia or you toss and turn through the night, additional levels of NO can improve your sleep patterns. • Increased metabolism. Holding onto a little bit of that winter weight? NO can increase your metabolism and turn the fat-burning centers of your body into overdrive. • Getting freaky in the bedroom. It might not be the gym, but NO can benefit men under the sheets by increasing their endurance, stamina and sexual energy. • Decreased inflammation. For bodybuilders this can mean a faster recovery time after a very hard work out. For others, this can help with pain and stiffness from arthritis. • Mental acuity. NO has been shown to increase memory and make your mind sharper and quicker. Men, Women, Athletes and Couch Potatoes – Who Needs it Most? While it is touted as being the secret weapon of additional intake for male athletes and bodybuilders, the best nitric oxide supplements can benefit women athletes as well. In addition, whether you work out or not, people...

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Exploring the Different Kinds of Purple Corn Benefits

Jun 24, 14 Exploring the Different Kinds of Purple Corn Benefits

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People who are interested in natural ways to maintain their health will find that purple corn is well worth considering.  An extract made from this type of corn offers a number of benefits that can help people of all ages.  Here are a few examples of Purple Corn Benefits and what they can mean to people dealing with certain types of conditions. Lowers Blood Pressure :- Regular use of purple corn can have a positive impact on high blood pressure.  This is often attributed to the antioxidants found in the corn.  Those antioxidants help to promote circulation and also strengthen the capillaries.  As a result, the flow of blood through the body is more efficient and the pressure level is normalized. Reduces the Risk of Blood ClotsAnother of the more important Purple Corn Benefits is preventing the development of blood clots in the bloodstream.  Clots can travel through the body and enter the heart, leading to a heart attack or a similar cardiovascular emergency.  This can be especially helpful for people who are dealing with a blood condition such as higher levels of bad cholesterol, since purple corn works to cleanse the blood while it also prevents the development of dangerous clots. Reduces the Risk of Atherosclerosis :- Atherosclerosis is a condition in which the artery walls begin to thicken thanks to the accumulation of white blood cells along the inner portions of the walls.  The properties found in purple corn help to prevent this accumulation and decrease the chances of the walls hardening or thickening over time.  This in turn helps to ensure that the heart continues to function efficiently. Incorporating Purple Corn from Youthh2O into the Diet :- There are several ways to go about adding purple corn to the daily diet.  One approach is to prepare meals that include the corn as part of a casserole, as a grilled side dish, or as an ingredient in a nourishing soup.  Another way is to purchase the product as an extract that can...

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Relieving Joint Pain with All Natural Supplements

If you have bad joints then you are probably experiencing pain from damage that has already been caused. Joint supplements can help people to keep their joints in optimal condition, but it can be very confusing to know which supplements to take. When choosing your joint supplement products, you should make sure that you choose ones that have green lipped mussels. These are also known as GLMs, and they have been proven to significantly help people who are trying to treat their joint pain in a natural way. Powder, Tablets, or Drinks There are many forms of joint supplement products that are available. There are tablets, powdered supplements, gel oils and other liquid forms. It has not been proven that one is better than the other, so it really just boils down to personal preference on which kind to take. Some products that help the joints only come in one form. Cod liver oil is one of these products. It is generally always taken in a tablet form. Keeping your joints healthy is important, because they can be very debilitating to your health and overall sense of well-being if they begin to hurt. Cod Liver Oil Supplements Cod liver oil is a gel tablet that is filled with liquid. The tablet is effective in alleviating joint discomfort that is caused by multiple things. It is sold in most department stores and drug stores, so it is easily obtainable. This supplement is really inexpensive and provides numerous benefits, so it is a great choice for people who want joint pain relief. Collagen Supplements for Better Joint Health Other protein supplements for joint health, such as Collagen are made to repair and support the connective tissue that lies between your joints. When this tissue is healthy, the stress will be lessened when you are kneeling, bending, or moving around. Repairing your joints takes time. Joint pain afflicts millions of people across. It can happen to anyone, and there is nothing you can do to fully prevent...

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Choosing the Best Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements are used by many people worldwide for numerous reasons. Athletes commonly use bodybuilding supplements, because they give them high energy levels that are unmatched by other supplements on the market. When you are a bodybuilder you need low body fat and enhanced muscle tone. Competitions will class people in categories based on their weight. Before purchasing any type of supplements, you will need to ensure that you are getting what is right for your body and your particular circumstances. You want something that will beef your body up and something that will get you energized. However, you don’t want a product that will cause your body harm. Natural supplements are the best ones to use, because they are completely healthy and they don’t cause side effects. Protein Bodybuilders need to ensure that their supplements contain protein. Protein will not help to build muscles, but it can help to repair damage and to reduce the risk of injury. Downtime or recovery time could cost you essential training time, so the best rule of thumb is to avoid injuries if at all possible. Natural supplements prevent injury if they are used in conjunction with a healthy diet and a safe exercise regimen. Protein is most commonly taken in the form of milkshakes. These shakes taste amazing, so it won’t even seem as if you are taking any supplemental products. Thermogenics Thermogenics are another class of supplements that are most commonly used by bodybuilders. They are designed to increase your metabolism, so that you can burn calories and fat at a faster rate. These supplements can allow athletes to perform at phenomenal levels. They are easy to obtain, and they are relatively inexpensive. Other Supplements When you have chosen which bodybuilding supplements are right for your needs, you should also make sure that you are getting your source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are essential if you expect your body to function at peak levels. Bodybuilders especially need to make sure that they...

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Buy Your Vitamins Online

Visiting a vitamin store or even the vitamin aisle at your local grocery store, can be a confusing experience. You really need to know what you are looking for before you arrive to determine which bottle out of the multitude on the shelf is the right fit for your needs.  Online vitamin shops provide you with all of the information you need to make a decision and the convenience of shopping from anywhere and at any time you wish. Increased Inventory A store front can only hold so many products. Shopping online gives you an endless selection updated daily by experienced staff.  Just search for the product or desired effect you are looking for and you are led straight to a variety of products to choose from that fit your needs. You can browse for as long as you want, and read as much information as you need to feel comfortable about the items you are going to purchase. You may even learn some new information with all of the knowledge that is provided for each product. Customer Service Buying vitamins from an online vitamin shop gives you access to experienced and professional help right from the beginning. There is usually a list of FAQ and a way to contact a vitamin specialist to help you with your questions. When it comes to your health you want to speak to someone knowledgeable in the subject before you spend your hard earned money on a product. The clerks at the grocery store and even the retail staff at vitamin stores cannot give you the personalized attention you need. Most of the time they can direct you to the product you are looking for, but they lack the knowledge to recommend a supplement that meets your needs. They typically specialize in stocking and running the cash register not in the effects of vitamins on your health. Feedback One thing you are guaranteed to get at an online store as opposed to a store front is customer...

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