Chiropractors in Chicago Are Experienced In Pain Relief

Jan 05, 21 Chiropractors in Chicago Are Experienced In Pain Relief

People seem to be divided into two camps when it comes to chiropractic. Some people are firm advocates, swearing that the chiropractor relieved their pain when nothing else worked. Others are skeptical and are reluctant to go to a chiropractor in Chicago, thinking it’s just not “real medicine.”

5,000 Years of Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care is certainly not new. China wrote about spinal manipulation almost 5,000 years ago. Ancient Greeks also wrote about easing lower back pain with chiropractic techniques. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician who is honored with the Hippocratic Oath that is sworn to by modern physicians, published books about the importance of chiropractic care. He emphasized the importance of the spine when treating many diseases.

It actually makes perfect sense that ancient physicians would rely upon manipulation of the spine and lower extremities. It was a hard time; people suffered horrendous accidents or war injuries and needed treatment. Surgery and antibiotics didn’t exist. Non-invasive techniques that would heal someone so that they could go back to work or to war would be valuable.

Today we have surgeons and antibiotics, but noninvasive techniques are just as valuable. Back surgery is dangerous; safe, non-invasive chiropractic treatment is often able to identify the cause of the problem and supply the remedy. Insurance companies often recommend chiropractic care for those suffering from whiplash or similar injuries after an accident. It’s safe, can be very effective and is much less expensive than surgery – which may not even cure the problem.

Chiropractic in the U.S.

The chiropractic profession was founded in the U.S. in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer. Chiropractic treatments were well-known throughout most of the world and he was familiar with developments in the profession. Ever since, there has been growing support for chiropractic care; it is recognized as a cost effective treatment for many medical problems. Ongoing chiropractic research offers promise of treatment for other medical issues.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy also has deep roots in the past and is often used in conjunction with other chiropractic therapies. Trained therapists relieve pain, treat various sports injuries, reduce depression and anxiety and boost relaxation and overall wellness.

Anyone suffering from painful joints, accidental injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck or shoulder pain or numerous other ailments, even allergies, should find out how Chiropractors in Chicago could help. Chiropractors in Chicago are certified by the American Academy of Disability Evaluation Physicians and are bi-lingual. Visit Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers website to learn more.