Frequently Asked Questions About the Cardiac SPECT Exam in New York

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Medical Center

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Any type of procedure done on the heart can feel invasive and cause stress. The Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) is one of the more common tests, and these four questions are among the most frequently asked ones about the procedure.

What Happens During the SPECT Scan?

During a cardiac SPECT exam in New York, a doctor will inject you with small radioactive tracers. These tracers will then move through your blood so that doctors can bet a clearer image of your heart.

Why Do Doctors Perform SPECT Scans?

Doctors will issue a SPECT scan whenever they are concerned about your heart’s condition and want to know more about what is causing your problems. Typically, a SPECT scan is given when the doctor suspects that you may have coronary artery disease. If the doctor believes you may have had a heart attack, they may also order a SPECT scan to be performed.

Is a SPECT Scan Safe for Everyone?

Cardiac SPECT exam in New York is considered safe for most patients. However, patients who are pregnant or nursing should discuss their condition with their doctor before a SPECT scan is done.

What Does the Patient Do During the Scan?

The SPECT scan consists of two parts. During the first part, you will have pictures of your heart taken while you are at rest. Afterward, you will be instructed to walk on a treadmill until you reach the desired heart rate. Overall, the scan can take up to three hours.

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