Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Health & Wellness

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You may not know this but erectile dysfunction (ED) affects almost 30 million men throughout the United States. If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, you’re not alone.

Here’s the truth about erectile dysfunction. It’s more than a physical health condition. Erectile dysfunction can impact intimate relationships and self-esteem.

Living with erectile dysfunction can be confusing and scary. There are many myths that can complicate the issue. Let’s explore a few.

Myth 1: Erectile dysfunction doesn’t affect younger men.
Truth: Contrary to popular belief, ED isn’t an ‘old man’s disease’. It can affect men of all ages. Contributing factors include diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Myth 2: Erectile dysfunction therapy Costa Mesa, Ca residents have available is only treatable with drugs and surgery.
Truth: There are several options for erectile dysfunction therapy in Costa Mesa, Ca that don’t include drugs or surgery. Our medical center specializes in drug-free and surgery-free treatments.

Myth 3: Smoking and drinking don’t contribute to erectile dysfunction.
Truth: Since smoking and drinking reduce blood flow throughout the body, they can contribute to erectile dysfunction. If your ED is caused by smoking or drinking, you can improve your blood flow by quitting.

Myth 4: Erectile dysfunction is only caused by low testosterone levels.
Truth: While it’s true that low testosterone levels can contribute to ED, there may be other underlying causes that are contributing to your condition. Before you take testosterone boosters, ask your physician to check your testosterone levels. If they’re low, your doctor can create a treatment plan.

Solutions are available if you’re having problems with erectile dysfunction. At LaSara Medical Group, we offer drug-free and surgery-free erectile dysfunction therapy in Costa Mesa, Ca. To learn more about our proven techniques, visit our website at website.

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