Enjoy the Convenience of Same Day Dental Crowns

Many people are unaware that they can now enjoy the convenience of same day crowns St Augustine dental offices can provide. Dental crowns can make wonderful improvements to your smile as well as provide the finishing restorative following root canals. It used to be you would have to wait for the crowns to come back from the dental lab, but some offices can provide them the same day.

Perfect Teeth
Crowns were often referred to as caps back in the day. They were a popular way to provide the perfect smile and in the early days many people used to joke they made teeth look like “Chiclets”. The crowns of today are one of the best choices to improve your smile’s appearance and can be used to hide almost any imperfection such as discoloration, malformed and crooked teeth. Dental crowns also have a lovely, natural appearance and can be made to match existing teeth for a perfect smile. People also like Dental Crowns in Lacey WA provide a natural bite. For front teeth nothing can match the beauty of porcelain for a perfectly natural look in both texture and color.

CEREC technology
Traditionally there were a few steps involved when it came to crowns. The common steps included the shaping and treatment of the tooth to prepare it for the insertion of the crown. This is done using local anesthesia to avoid any sensitivity during the process. Moulds would then be made using impressions your dentist would take by having you bite down on a soft material that will shape to your teeth. A dental technician would then use these to create models to shape your crowns to fit your smile perfectly. If you had undergone a root canal, you are missing a tooth or your tooth had been damaged your dentist would usually provide a temporary crown until your permanent crowns were returned from the lab. However now advanced CEREC technology allows your dentist to provide you with your new crowns often the same day making having crowns inserted an even more appealing, quicker option than many other cosmetic dental treatments.

Once your crowns are complete they will be fitted and checked to ensure the color match is perfect. Sometimes fine tuning is required before the crown is permanently cemented into place.