Deep Tissue Therapy for Better Overall Health

Are you tired? Stressed? Tense and sore? If you’re like most Americans, the answer to most or even each of these questions is probably yes – so what can you do to fix that? Consider deep tissue therapy for the massage that will get you back on your feet.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

There is some confusion about deep tissue massage from those who are not familiar with the therapy. What makes a massage “deep-tissue”? The answer is: it’s all in the touch.

Deep tissue therapy employs firmer, slower strokes to reach deeper into the muscles and connective tissue that surround them. This provides greater relaxation to these muscles, releases more tension and can help work out problem areas better than more shallow techniques. Because of its increased level of effectiveness, deep tissue massage is typically used to treat chronic pain conditions and improve mobility in patients that might not be helped by other forms of treatment.

What are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Therapy?

Massage therapy in general has been shown to offer many health benefits for both body and mind. Deep tissue therapy goes beyond even these, offering greater advantages and longer-lasting results. Some of the biggest benefits of enjoying regular deep-tissue massages include:

* Increased mobility.
* Relief of pain from chronic and acute conditions.
* Fewer symptoms from conditions such as arthritis.
* Less pain from treatments associated with cancer and other serious medical conditions.
* Faster healing after surgery or athletic injury.

Some patients even see relief of psychological and mental health symptoms, such as better focus, improved sleep, increased ability to cope with anxiety and depression, and more.

The benefits of deep tissue therapy are plentiful. Ready to experience it for yourself? Contact your Downey area massage parlor and schedule your appointment today. You’ll feel better, way more than skin-deep!