What to Expect with CoolSculpting in Chevy Chase, MD

Aug 21, 18 What to Expect with CoolSculpting in Chevy Chase, MD

CoolSculpting in Chevy Chase MD is a great way to remove stubborn fat from portions of the body. No matter how much a person diets or how often they exercise, there are times when they simply cannot take off undesired weight in certain areas. This may include the stomach and inner thighs. If you have been struggling to accomplish this goal, it’s time to see about treatment options, with CoolSculpting being the right choice for many. What should patients expect when they undergo this treatment?

The First Visit

Before any work is done, a patient must sit down with a trained technician to discuss his or her goals regarding the procedure. Doing so helps to ensure the patient has selected the right treatment based on their unique objectives. At this visit, the entire body is examined from some angles to determine where the unwanted fat is to be eliminated.

The Areas to Be Treated

Technicians trained in CoolSculpting create a treatment plan for each patient they see. No two bodies are alike, so this step is extremely important. Furthermore, based on the preferred results, the technician must determine which applicators are to be used. Ask the technician if the facility has multiple systems that will allow different areas of the body to be treated in the same visit.

The Day of the Procedure

When the patient arrives for his or her procedure, a gel pad and applicator will be used on the areas to be treated. Once they are in place, the technician directs controlled cooling to the treatment areas. The cold sensation can be intense at first but typically eases up after five to ten minutes. Also, a patient may feel a tugging or pulling sensation in the areas being treated. While this is taking place, the patient may choose to read a book, take a short nap, or get some work done.

The Recovery Process

As CoolSculpting in Chevy Chase MD is completely noninvasive, patients often find they can return to work the same day. Tenderness, cramping, itching, an achy feeling in the treatment area, and stinging or temporary redness have been reported by patients, but these symptoms tend to resolve quickly.

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