Sidestep These 4 Mistakes When You Book a Shiatsu Massage

Aug 21, 18 Sidestep These 4 Mistakes When You Book a Shiatsu Massage

A shiatsu massage is based on holistic Chinese medicinal practices aimed at fixing imbalances in the energy flow of a person’s body, Health and Fitness Travel says. Often called a finger pressing massage, it can be a used to ease pain and discomfort, reduce stress, and improve your circulation.

If you’re thinking about getting a shiatsu massage in Reseda, here are a couple of mistakes you’ll want to avoid before you pick a spa.

Not doing any research

If this is your first time to try out a salon, don’t do it unless you’ve done your research. How long has the spa been in business? Do they seem professional? Can you swing by for a consultation or appointment? These are a few things you’ll want to figure out before you pick a spa for your shiatsu massage in Reseda.

Not saying you’re injured

If you’re hurt anywhere, don’t expect your therapist to know. A therapist isn’t a mind reader. If you’re counting on the fact that there’s a bandage over the affected area or part, that’s not going to be enough. To avoid any problems, communicate with your therapist. Let him/her know if you’ve got injuries or you’re hurt. That way, your therapist will know enough to avoid those areas.

Not asking questions

If you’re trying out a new type of massage, it may be a good idea to ask the staff about it first. Don’t pick one at random or simply because you like the name. If you want to make sure you don’t end up wasting your hours at the spa, ask about the treatment options in detail. That should help you figure out which one is right for you.

Not preparing

If you already have an appointment, then you know enough not to go for a big meal before the appointment. If you don’t, that could make the treatment uncomfortable for you in many ways.