Diagnosis and Chronic Fatigue Cure

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease in which, a person feels tired even after taking enough rest. It is also known as immune dysfunction syndrome and ME, Myalgic encephalomyelitis. Doctors don’t relate any definite reason behind this condition, however according to a research it could be due to a virus known as HHV-6, or Mel-functioning of nervous system. Chronic fatigue cure depends on its nature, and some other factors, as age, stress, genetics, any illness, or the environment; moreover doctors say that women of age 30 to 50 become more victim of the disease.

Common symptoms:

*    Headache.

*    Muscle and body pains.

*    Feeling tired even after many hours of exercise.

*    Lack of concentration.

*    Confused feelings.

*    Forgetting easily.

*    Joint pains.

*    Irritation.

*    Fever which can be mild.

*    Soreness in throat.

*    Lymph nodes under arms, or in throat etc.

The disease can be either new, or 6 months old, moreover the doctors diagnose it after ruling out certain things as,

*    If the patient is very dependent on drugs.

*    If there is any infection.

*    Immune system disorder.

*    MS

*    Any psychological illness.

*    Tumor of any kind

If 4 of these signs are present in a person, it is declared as CFS, though special tests are not required to find the disease, but still two tests can be helpful to some extent like MRI, and white blood cells test. So, chronic fatigue cure depends on how it is diagnosed, and the treatment method. There is not a single method for treating this illness; instead various ways are combined to get good results, like:

*     Therapies, regarding behavior.

*     Taking Healthy diet.

*     Drugs to control depression and anxiety.

*     Fever elimination drugs.

*     Pain killers.

*     Sleep therapies.

Therapies should be more in routine, as medicines leave many side effects, which in some cases can worsen the condition instead of curing. Doctors recommend to do light exercises, as a complete bed rest can further enhance the issue. The patient should keep a balance in all the activities, and should complete any task in intervals. Moreover, some other ways which can be helpful include meditation, hypnosis, massage therapy, yoga, reiki, breathing exercise, and techniques to relax muscles.

Different people react differently to all these treatment methods; hence their recovery time may vary, which can be from 6 months to one year, and so. The disease itself also affects a lot to the patient causing depression, immobility, and drugs’ side effects, so rehabilitation is necessary for better chronic fatigue cure. But, if your symptoms remain, you should immediately consult your doctor.

There are many specific centers working in this regard throughout the world. You can also take help after researching some online material, but never blindly run after anything, and try to adopt natural ways. Never get medicine from any online doctor, besides always see the consultant directly at the clinic, and follow the prescribed drug. If you consider these factors, you will soon get rid of CFS.