The Benefits of Manual Wheelchairs in Maryland

If you have limited mobility, you might find yourself in the market for a wheelchair. The reasons people end up in wheelchairs in Maryland vary, from life-altering injuries that limit mobility to simple chronic arthritis that makes it difficult to walk on some occasions. Some people who require a wheelchair are not ready to give up their independence and prefer a manual wheelchair, rather than its power counterpart. Whether you require assistance getting around permanently or just on some occasions, understanding the benefits of the manual wheelchair will help you make the right decision for your life.

Use Upper-Body Strength

It can be upsetting to have to use wheelchairs in Maryland to get around. People who feel this way benefit from a manual chair that requires their upper-body strength to get them around. Because they require the use of their muscles, this allows you to feel empowered, strong and mentally stable. Using a manual chair allows you to stay active, rather than giving up and letting power chairs do all the work for you, making you feel better about having to use this type of assistance.

Easy Mobility

Manual wheelchairs offer a much easier way to get around, especially in tight spaces, such as small homes, crowded public places and stores. When you use a manual chair, you don’t have to worry about the tight aisles and spaces many stores offer, making it frustrating for anyone with a disability to complete daily errands or simply have fun like everyone else.


One of the largest benefits of the manual chair is its portability. Most models simply fold up and fit inside the standard trunk, making it easy to go from place to place without a problem. This is ideal for those who run many errands, travel or work. Whether your travels take you out for entertainment and daily errands or you have to visit the doctor or hospital frequently, having your wheelchair tucked into your trunk is the most convenient way to get around.

If you are looking for wheelchairs in Maryland, you have a variety of choices when it comes to determining the type you want. If you are still looking for a way to stay active, ease of getting around just about anywhere and the most convenient portability, manual wheelchairs are the best option for you.