Dog Grooming in Quantico, VA: Tips on Bathing Your Dog

Sometimes getting to the dog groomer can be difficult if you have a very busy schedule. However, if you want your dog well-groomed, it is highly recommended that you invest in Dog Grooming in Quantico, VA regularly. In this article, we’re going to share a few tips on how to bath your dog in between visits to the dog groomer.

Bathing Your Dog

Before you begin bathing your dog, choose a good shampoo or make your own. You can purchase pet shampoo online or at any pet supply store. To make your own, you’ll need to get an aloe plant, a soap dish and lukewarm water to mix. You can store the shampoo in a plastic shampoo bottle container. You can buy empty shampoo bottles at any dollar store. Before using, make sure you shake up the bottle well.

Make sure you thoroughly brush your dog. Companies that offer Dog Grooming in Quantico, VA suggest using a dog brush. A dog brush will help detangle the fur. This is a great opportunity to check and see if he has any fleas, ticks or cuts. If you’re washing your pet in the tub, make sure you place a rubber mat on the bottom of the bath tub. You can also use a large towel.

Make sure you place cotton balls into your dog’s ear to help prevent shampoo or water from entering. Use a sprayer nozzle close to your dog’s skin. Just make sure you use warm water. Avoid spraying in your dog’s face. To clean his face, simply take a sponge – just make sure you avoid getting any water in his eyes.

Now take a small amount of dog shampoo and massage it into his skin (1-2 quarter size amounts).
You’re going to start from your dog’s head and work your way down his ears and each leg. Make sure you clean between the toes. Don’t forget to clean under his chin and, ears and the tail. Then thoroughly rinse him with warm water. Again, avoid getting any water into the eyes. Then dry your dog with a large towel. The key is to dry him as quickly as possible to avoid him from shaking water all over you.
Hopefully, the tips presented in this article will can guide you when bathing your dog at home.


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