Don’t Let The Cat & Dog Population Spiral Out of Control!

When you have your pet spayed or neutered in Mesa AZ, they will undergo a minor operation to have their reproductive organs removed. You should know that spaying is what happens to females, and neutering is what happens to males.

They will be under a local anaesthetic when this procedure take place, and depending on how old your pet is, will depend on how quickly they recover. For the most part, pets will be able to come home as soon as they come round, and will be a little groggy for the first few hours. You may also have to return to the vets to have stitches removed, but this isn’t always the case.

Vets recommend you have this procedure done because it will help with your pet’s health. When their reproductive organs are removed, it eliminates the risk of a good number of cancer related problems that can affect this part of the body. Their urinary tracts will also benefit from undergoing this procedure.

Whilst the personality of your pet will not change, there will be subtle differences that you will actually like. You pet will be less highly strung, and much easier to interact with. For male cats, it will also help in terms of their attitude when it comes to looking for a female. They will no longer spray, which is a form of urination male cats do to mark their territory, and since your home belongs to them, it will stop unwanted stains on your furniture.

Both male cats and dogs will be far less territorial. Cats will not wander too far from the home, and dogs will not try to attack other dogs because they see them as a reproductive threat. All in all, your pet will become far more affable, and much more affectionate towards you.

Taking your pet to the vets to have them spayed or neutered in Mesa AZ, will mean you’re also helping the animal community in general. Every-day over 70,000 cats and dogs are born, and over the course of 12 months over 11 million cats and dogs will be put to sleep after being taken to the pound.

This statistic is shocking. If you intended not to have your pet neutered, you should think again. Many men think that having a male pet neutered takes away his right to be a man however, as much as we tend to humanize our pets, they are still animals, and your pet will not feel any less male than he did before the procedure.

It’s relatively inexpensive to have a pet neutered, and as explained above, it benefits both you and your pet. If you’re still concerned about how this will affect your cat or dog, speak to your vet. They carry-out this procedure every single day, and their message will be the same as this one. You should definitely have the procedure done. Of course, if your pet has health issues, this can also be discussed with your vet, and they will advise on the best course of action.


Spay and Neuter Mesa AZ – The positives far out-weight the negatives when your pet is spayed or neutered. Family VetCare does this procedure every-day, and will tell you it’s the best way forward.