Examining the Costs, Risks, And Recovery of Breast Reduction

Oct 31, 12 Examining the Costs, Risks, And Recovery of Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction surgery is just what it sounds like, a cosmetic surgical procedure to reduce the size of the breasts. This article is going to inform you on three aspects of breast reduction surgery: cost, risks, and recovery.

There are many cost variances with breast reduction surgery. These variances are such things as your location and the extent of surgery needed. The top three fees you will find in breast reduction surgery are the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesia fee and operating and recovery room fees. You can expect your breast reduction surgery to cost you anywhere from five to seven thousand dollars. Sometimes depending on the situation breast reduction surgery may be covered by some insurance. If it is not covered fully by your insurance it may be that you will qualify for financing with your plastic surgeon.

There are several risks associated with breast reduction surgery such as the following: poor healing at the wound site, bleeding, infection, complications with anesthesia as can happen with any surgery, blood clots, loss of feeling in the nipple, inability to breastfeed, and even being unsatisfied with the results of the breast reduction surgery. If you are careful however to follow your surgeons directions completely then you will most likely help to minimize these risks greatly.

Once you have had your breast reduction surgery you will need to take plenty of time to recover fully. You will most likely have some dressings on your incisions that will need daily care for proper healing. It may be that you will have to deal with drainage tubes which will be inserted into your incisions to help prevent your body from holding fluid in the incision area. You may even have to wear a sports bra in place of your normal bra to help with support to your breasts as they are healing. Be willing to do whatever is necessary to help with your recovery and you will find that your recovery will go smoothly. After your surgery you will be given a list of instructions that will detail all the information you will need to help yourself fully recover. If you follow all of these directions exactly as stated you will be able to possibly forego any and all side effects.

If you decide to have breast reduction surgery you will want to do as much research as possible on the subject and ask as many questions as you can of your surgeon. Part of your surgeon’s job is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with any surgery you are considering so do not hesitate to ask questions. Remember that no question is too silly to ask.

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