The Sexual Benefits of Oxytocin

Oxytocin, otherwise known as the love chemical, is the hormone in your body that allows you to feel chemistry with a loved one. This chemistry is felt through lower blood pressure and lower cortisol, or stress hormone, levels, as well as decreased pain. Researchers are finding there are other benefits to this hormone many men and women can benefit from by taking oxytocin through an injection.

The Benefits of the Injection

Oxytocin is released during sexual relations and reaches its peak during ejaculation or orgasm. Many people know this hormone as the “cuddle hormone” because of the warm, cuddly feelings it gives to those who experience it, causing an increased desire for bonding, trust and even socializing. Men who take advantage of injecting this hormone realize greater ejaculation and a more intense climax, as well as the possibility of multiple orgasms. Women can also take advantage of the benefits of this hormone. Most women get a feeling of warmth and trust, have an easier time reaching an orgasm and even have the ability to reach multiple orgasms.

Side Effects

As with any hormone you take, there is the possibility of unpleasant side effects. Making yourself aware of the potential side effects will allow you to best prepare yourself for them, giving you the chance to decide if the side effects are worth taking the hormone. Some people experience high blood pressure, an increased heart rate or an upset stomach, as well as various bleeding issues.

Consult with Your Doctor

As with any hormone, you should always contact your doctor before taking them. Oxytocin is typically a completely safe hormone to take to enhance the sexual experience of men and women, but consulting with your doctor is essential. People with certain medical conditions should not use hormones that could make these conditions worse. Only your doctor can tell you what these conditions are and if you are susceptible to them.

Before you purchase oxytocin for your sexual enhancement, make sure you are purchasing it from a reputable website. There are various sources online to check on a website to see their reputation and ability to provide you with top-quality hormones. Your health is of utmost importance; taking the time to perform the required research will ensure you protect your health the best you can, while obtaining the benefits this hormone can provide.