Get Whiplash Treatment in Ferguson

Whiplash is a condition where the neck is injured due to the head lurching forward or backward. This type of injury commonly occurs as the result of a car accident where the vehicle is hit from behind. Engaging in some sports, such as football, increases the risk of a neck injury from colliding with other players. Physical abuse or assault, particularly punching the head or shaking the body, can also result in damage to the neck area. The force strains the neck causing Whiplash in Ferguson.

The main symptoms of whiplash are neck pain and stiffness. Symptoms may not develop immediately after the injury. It may be a few hours to several days before pain and other discomfort occurs. Headaches, tender shoulders, fatigue, and dizziness may also accompany the pain and stiffness that come with whiplash. Any symptoms following an accident or traumatic injury should be evaluated by a doctor. A concussion, tissue damage, or fracture can co-occur with a whiplash injury.

A medical examination can diagnose whiplash and related conditions. A doctor will check how well you are able to move your neck. X-rays may also be ordered to provide more information. Although most people who experience whiplash will recover over the course of a few months, treatment for can help to relieve pain and discomfort. Treating the injured area with ice will help reduce swelling and tenderness. Pain medication can also be taken to relieve symptoms. A chiropractor can make adjustments to the neck and spine to provide relief. He can also reduce tension in the muscles by carefully stretching the body. Exercises may be prescribed to strengthen and stretch the neck and back areas. It is important to follow the prescribed treatment plan as excessive rest and avoiding movement may prolong the recovery.

Whiplash in Ferguson may occur after an accident or injury to the neck or head. Although most cases will resolve over the course of several months, the resulting discomfort and pain can make life miserable. A chiropractic evaluation will lead to an individualized treatment plan that will promote pain relief and recovery. Contact Back And Neck Care Center for more information.