Potential Benefits of Facial Massage in Wailea

People often want to keep their skin looking youthful and free of wrinkles. One potential treatment that can be pleasant as well as helping with this goal is facial massage in Wailea. For the best results, practitioners recommend getting a facial massage about three times per week. This doesn’t mean you have to go for a massage this often, as some of the techniques can be done at home with a little practice.

Short-Term Benefits

The short-term benefits of getting a facial massage include an increase in both oxygen and blood flow to the area. This will make your skin have an attractive glow. Having your face massaged will also make it so any fluid you’re retaining will drain away more quickly and it might even make you less congested if you have allergies. Massaging the nasal area helps drain the sinuses to relieve allergy symptoms. This type of massage is relaxing and can help you feel pampered and less stressed. Gentle strokes may even help to limit the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Longer-Term Benefits

Facial Massage in Wailea can also have longer-term benefits. The increased circulation it provides helps the skin better repair itself from the cumulative small amounts of damage caused each day by things like spending time in the sun and smoking. It may help limit the blackheads and acne that occur due to clogged pores as well.

Potential Headache Relief

Because the face is filled with pressure points, massaging it in just the right way may even help limit the occurrence of sinus or tension headaches. An experienced practitioner will know where the best pressure points are for this purpose and how they should be massaged for the best results. This massage will help loosen up tense muscles that could be contributing to the headache pain.

TMJ Pain Reduction

People who suffer from TMJ tend to have jaw pain. A facial massage can help loosen the muscles, limit inflammation and decrease the tension in the face so there’s less pain.

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