Glaucoma in Cincinnati, OH – Reasons, Symptoms and Treatment

Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the optic nerve gets affected, and it happens due to some eye pressures, besides it’s considered to be inherited in most of the cases. It may cause loss of vision due to the pressure; hence it should be treated early. Cincinnati, OH has some good specialists who treat this disease through various ways.

Symptoms: The main symptoms include vision distortions, pain in the eyes, redness, nausea, vomiting, and vision narrowing etc. Those who reach 40 years of age should consult an eye doctor on regular basis. This is especially true when you have this in your family history.

Reasons behind the pressure: This happens due to abnormal circulation of eye fluid, and due to accumulation of this fluid glaucoma occurs. Sometimes, a chemical injury may also lead to this issue, or an eye infection, blood vessels blockage, OR inflammation. This disease can happen in both the eyes but they may vary in condition.

Types: It has two types known as open angle and angle closure,

Whatever the type is, there are certain people who are vulnerable to this diseases as, Americans, Africans, Japanese, Irish and Scandinavian, people over 40, people with diabetes, people with poor vision, and people who take steroids as prednisone. Doctors in Cincinnati, OH have to face many patients of glaucoma due their vulnerability.

Diagnosis: As it’s a nerve related issue, hence the exam is focused on the optic nerve having a specific condition. Similarly, the pressure is also checked and the test is called tonometry besides, these tests are less time consuming and painless.

Treatment: The treatment involves following methods:

Medications: It includes eye drops, as they help in reducing the fluid accumulation, increasing the flow. But, like all other drugs it has some side effects, including redness, allergy, blurred vision, or stinging etc. Some drugs also affect lungs and heart issues. If you are having some other drugs, you should inform your doctor before the treatment.Why do I need to register or sign in for WebMD to save?
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Laser surgery: This is another way of treatment, and it reduces the blockage, moreover this surgery includes trabeculoplasty in which laser pulls out the fluid causing flow.

Microsurgery: This is also called trabeculectomy in which, a new way of fluid draining is created, reducing the pressure causing glaucoma. However, it may fail in some occasions so it should be redone. Another complication includes vision loss, which can be minor or major, whereas bleeding may also occur due to an infection.

The treatment depends on the type of glaucoma, and doctors in Cincinnati, OH may use a combination of all these treatments. However, initially the doctors prefer to treat it with drugs but, when it fails they go for surgery of any kind depending on the situation. Especially, those having the disease since their childhood can only get cured through a surgery. There is no precaution to get rid of this disease but, if treated early it may not create any further issues including loss of vision.

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