Hearing Loss Help from Hearing Aid Consultants in Groton CT

Aug 24, 15 Hearing Loss Help from Hearing Aid Consultants in Groton CT

Life can be noisy, and sometimes a person’s ears suffer for it. In most cases, sound from traffic, televisions and household appliances don’t affect hearing. However, when people are exposed to loud, prolonged sounds, the noise can damage structures within the inner ear and hearing loss can result. 26 million people have damaged hearing due to noise exposure during leisure or work activities.

Which Sounds can Cause Hearing Damage and Loss?

Noise related hearing loss can be brought about by a single exposure to intense sound, or by continual exposure to loud noises over a long period. Decibels measure sound, and a 10-point increase means a tenfold increase in the intensity of the sound. To the ears, it may sound doubly loud. A refrigerator’s sound is 45db, and a conversation is at about 60db. City noises can reach 85db, and hearing loss can result from firearms, fireworks and motorcycles. The louder a sound is, the shorter the time before the hearing loss occurs.

Exposure to Very Loud Noises

Exposure to extremely loud sounds can damage the auditory nerves and the hair cells in the middle ear. A sudden sound can result in hearing loss that’s immediate and permanent, and may be accompanied by a roaring, buzzing or ringing sound in the ears. Tinnitus and hearing loss can occur in both ears, or only on one side.

What are the Symptoms of Sound-Related Hearing Loss?

When a patient hears loud noises over a prolonged time period, symptoms of damage to hearing will gradually increase. Over the years, a person may start hearing sounds in a muffled or distorted way, and it can be hard for the hearer to understand normal speech. Those experiencing symptoms of noise-related hearing loss should go in for an evaluation from Hearing Aid Consultants in Groton CT as soon as possible.

The symptoms of hearing loss aren’t always sudden, and one loud noise can cause a person to lose their hearing permanently. If a person is experiencing hearing loss that affects the way they live their life, that person should contact us to get a thorough examination by an otolaryngologist, and hearing testing by a certified audiologist. Hearing Aid Consultants in Groton CT can recommend the best hearing aid for a particular type of hearing loss.